On behalf of companies, institutions and authorities, we investigate potential compliance breaches. We assist our clients in establishing the relevant facts and successfully managing the legal and reputational risks associated with an incident. In addition, we provide our clients with conceptual advice on setting up internal investigation structures.

Our services cover the entire investigation process:

Quickly understanding the initial position
Weighing the risks and rewards of an investigation
Carefully defining the scope, governance and goal of an investigation
Targeted gathering, analysis, aggregation and evaluation of relevant facts
Robust reporting
Identifying the options for action and corrective measures


We advise private companies and public-sector organizations in all aspects related to whistleblowing. Our modular service offering covers all elements of an effective whistleblowing program. Our modules contain:


“Anonymos” reporting platform and other reporting channels


Analysis of the starting position, advice, development of internal policies and processes


Education of whistleblowing officers and the workforce

Reporting Office

Intake, assessment and triage of incoming reports

Whistleblowing Investigation

Independent investigation of reports and advice on follow-up actions


Analysis of statistical data and reporting


ENQUIRE is an independent boutique law firm that stands for credible investigative results and effective whistleblowing programs. As former in-house counsels, attorneys-at-law and law enforcers we have a wealth of experience in areas including:

Workplace conflicts

such as sexual harassment and bullying

Regulatory breaches

such as inadequate internal organization or lack of proper business conduct

White-collar crime

such as corruption, money laundering, embezzlement or fraud

Breaches of internal or external regulations

such as breaches of the code of conduct, internal directives or legal provisions

Organizational deficiencies

such as weaknesses in corporate governance, the compliance structure or internal control systems

Our track record

provides a detailed overview of our expertise.

Why work with us?

Unlike traditional commercial law firms, we focus our activities on internal and regulatory investigations as well as whistleblowing. As a result, utmost credibility is accorded to our investigation results and conflicts of interest are avoided. Our customers also truly appreciate that, subject to individual needs, they have access to all relevant components of a whistleblowing program – from infrastructure, advice, training and a reporting office through to the investigation – from a single source.

As former banking lawyers and regulators, we also have in-depth expertise in financial market law, extensive industry knowledge and an excellent network in the Swiss financial sector.